Eyal Talmudi – Saxophone Bag-pipe and Clarinet
Hagai Freshtman – Drums

MALOX is a particularly energetic duet ,which emphasizes and isolates

some of the main and essential elements of music : Rhythm and melody.
The combination of challenging performance, punk attitude and various melodic styles creates a fresh sound that does not come across your every day play list !

MALOX's music is a cross cultural collection of musical traditions, moving from African rain dance to hypnotic Klezmer up beat, cutting through original compositions and full on improvisation . MALOX is leading an aggressive local interpretation hopping boarder lines between new-old and beautiful-ugly. The wildly danced complex is charmingly minimalistic and takes the listener to a bear foot , intergalactic ancient religious trance .

The debut album "
ONE DAY" was recorded in VIBROMONK studios in N.Y.C by Dani Shatzky and released on June 2007 .

From the press: BRILIANT ALBUM ! ” Ben Shalev , Haartz, 22.9.07

NO BOARING MOMENTS...” Sharon Arieli,WALLA!, 27.8.07

free for download WWW.MALOX.BANDCAMP.COM
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One of Israel busiest reed player ,globally touring with bands of different genres such as Balkan Beat Box , Oy Division and the Israeli prince of rock Berry Sacharof . During 15 years of career he is moving back and forth from the improv to the rock and various folk styles , in and out of the country.


The multiple armed squid” has been bombarding countless sets of drums . Among else just got of 5 year tour with the most successful Israeli trash-rock act (the late) - MONOTONIX . Before that he moved with Katamin , Midnight Peacocks , Albert Begger, Herold Rubin and so many more . This guy is here to stay in your mind as the most divers drummer you will hear....