Toad in the Hole

One Legged Man

Lyrics by M. Hayward-Macdonald

About the Band

Well the cold wind blew and cut right through me
I stood in silence and dreamt of the shores
The emerald isle and sweet Caledonia,
My people left once and returned nevermore

Here's a health unto the cold street lamps, a health unto the swoon
I'll dance a jig at Samhain's night, the rising of the moon
My head is thick and dreary, my fire it has gone out
I need a drop of heaven, and I'll give the skies a shout

We'll tear our throats with ale and smoke and songs of Irish mourning
Like Oengus Mac Og, I'll beg like a dog forever and a day
Red skies at night, the sailor's delight, but in the morn take warning
It's in our veins, it courses and strains: fever and dismay
We're going away

We'll gather up this band of ours for a night of drink and cheer
With a healthy dose of whiskey and a lashing of nut brown beer
The one-legged man keeps talking, he's stole our girl away
If he touches a single hair of hers, we'll bitterly make him pay


Well the fire it has returned again with the rising of the sun
I can't remember where I quit, or where I had begun
My will is like Cuchulainn's , my eyes are filled with blood
At home among the rushes, at home amongst the mud