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The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project was formed in the south-west of China (Kunming, Yunnan) in 2006. Songwriter Jean-Phillipe Tremblay from Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canadia), started his career in 2002 with the band Tremblay 73. Later, he released his solo album 'Mais où la Ouananiche niche tell?' in 2005, but the possibility of performing one concert didn't cross his mind. He simply left the honorable Elizabeth II's land of Canadia for a trip of 4 days that ended up being a piss-up of 5 years around the world.

Passing through China, his path crossed with Nick Laflamme, Charles Hudon and Cédrick Dessureault (all from Lac-St-Jean, Quebec, Canadia, though it should be stated they are all only slightly related). From the beginning, they started to openly share their common passions for tractors, cousins, and the Reader's Digest. They also formed a secret society, but unfortunately we cannot tell you much about that. However, we can reveal that bluegrass is only a tiny aspect of a global plan that aims to corrupt the moral values of the entire world.

After the 'Welfare Tour 2008' (China-Laos-Thailand-India) that ended with the sudden, brutal death of his double bass at the hands of Singapore Airlines, Cédrick left China. The band then decided to recruit Mark Corry, and Irishman almost as good as Cédrick but way more sexy. A huge gain for this band afflicted with sex-appeal problems... Then the band sung in French, English, Irish and Chinese. In 2010, the Quebec Redneck recorded their first album "Sweet Mama Yeah!", which was warmly welcomed by Chinese cowboys everywhere. For the connoisseurs, QRBP was quickly recognised as the best bluegrass band in all of south-west China. (That they are also the only one is irrelevant, say the band.)

Shortly after, the band decided to organise their first visit to Quebec province. The 'Sweet Mama Tour 2010' had the same effect as finding a brand new 24 box of beer at the end of a party that is still kicking. Possibly due to a healthy bribe, the album found itself among the 'Bande à Part Top 40 best album of 2010'. (Definitely not healthy enough though, as the band did not win). It was during this journey that Dan Tremblay (founding member of the band Canailles) and an old friend of the QRBP, joined the band bringing with him the virility of his beard and of his banjo.

At the start of 2011, the Rednecks left for some new adventures with the 'Suckin' Robot Tour 2011'. This six week tour across China saw the Bluegrass Project perform 26 concerts in 14 of the nicest industrial Chinese cities. It was just before the Suckin' Robot Tour that the QRBP, worried about their squeaky clean image, engaged the services of dirty punk Didier Dessureault to assume the judicious position of the washboard player. Like rats, the welfare rednecks are quickly increasing in number... now there are 6 of them.

This joyfully heretical group's new album “3000 Boulevard de Mess” was released to the public with the 'Woopadye Tour' that took place in July/August 2011.

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