Here is the translation for "Ven Paca" by Zuby Nehty:

   (Slabá/Slabá) Spanish text - Broňa Skalická)

   (in Czech "ven paka" means "get out of here, you rubbishy

   Somewhere behind the eyelids
   the candles start burning
   I don´t know whether it is night or day.
   From some distant radio I hear a mixture of voices,
   speaking Spanish, calling to me to go  out

   Fast! Fast out - quickly, fast fast!
   Run here - don´t hesitate, hurry up!
   Leave your quarrels, erase the mistakes - forget your doubts,
   Come out, come out, all come here!

   Everybody come here - everybody come here

   Si te sientes solo en tu  hogar
   Ven a encontrarnos en un bar
   Vienen todos los amigos,
———[ konec stránky 6 ]———
   que quieren cantar contigo
   ven paca acá y no nos hagas esperar

   Ven paca ven paca, ven paca ven!

   Thanks, friends, for the wonderful welcome,
   We had no idea you were so nice,
   If you ever come our way
   I will also sing the Spanish song for you!

   Ven paca, ven paca, ven paca,
   Everybody come here