About Me

I'm Felicia, host of 5 Song Set. Not having any real musical talent but wanting to do something with my love of music, I put together this music podcast to showcase some of the fantastic music out there. I'm an American, living with my husband and stuffed Godzilla in Portugal, where I am trying to learn to speak Portuguese.

For those who may be wondering where I find this music, here is how it works:

  1. I go online to the following sites and download everything I can possibly find that relates to a genre, subject or theme that interests me at the moment. I also download anything else that catches my eye. (If you know of any other sites that allow searching by genre, have musicians from outside the US, and offer free downloads, please let me know.)
  2. I then listen to tons and tons and tons of music.
  3. I pick at most two songs by the same band and then email them asking for permission to play their music. If I get a positive response, then I will play the song.

Occasionally, I get songs emailed to me by musicians. That is just amazingly wonderful. Occasionally, musicians I know put out a CD, so I ask them if I can play songs. Sometimes, if I am really desperate, I just use Google to search the internet for music. It is much harder, but I do find amazing music that way.

So, that's me. I'd love to hear about you, so drop me an email.