Listeners' Choice Contest

For a few years, 5 Song Set held a Listeners' Choice Contest. Ultimately, it proved to be too much work, so I no longer hold it. However, you can find previous years' winners here.

2014 Listeners' Choice Winners

1stBrinca Tu Y Brinco Yo by Arthur YoriaEpisode 75
2ndEscape from New Street by The Brooms of DestructionEpisode 87
3rdRunaway Train by Kat ThomasEpisode 89
4thТоСка by Ч.Ч.Episode 75
5thBad Bad Dream by Marble BoyEpisode 83

2013 Listeners' Choice Winners

1stIndecent Proposal by Helen ArneyEpisode 67
2ndCrazy Eye by Friend or FoeEpisode 66
3rdDark Surf by Action CampEpisode 55
4th - TieКатина радость by alhimiaEpisode 66
4th - TieTodo puede suceder by Los LunesEpisode 55

2012 Listeners' Choice Winners

1st"Gitar" by Peter NalitchEpisode 24
2nd"Talk of the Town" by Marina OrchestraEpisode 41
3rd"Окно" by NeboslovEpisode 37
4th"Digadinovo" by Seu BenéEpisode 30
5th"Dance If You Believe" by Alexander PiterskiyEpisode 42

2011 Listeners' Choice Winners

1st"Kortsiruumis/In The Pub" by Kihnu PoisidEpisode 7
2nd"Retrotune" by SouleyeEpisode 10
3rd"I'm a 99" by the Nomadic FirsEpisode 20
4th"Nerdy Girls" by Marc with a CEpisode 4
5th"This Fantasy World (Dungeons and Dragons)" by The DoubleclicksEpisode 12