Podcast Episode 26: Modern Classical and Beyond!

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In this episode, I have five modern classical songs for you. Some of the songs are more "modern" and some are more "classical" but they are all really good. The first song in this episode is "Waltz of the Pigalle Side Streets" by Alexander Piterskiy, who wrote the podcast's theme music and cohosted episode 21. It is a swirling waltz that manages to be both complex and very easy to listen to. It is followed with the dark and chaotically fun "Drehorgel" by Sallo, a duo from Portland, Oregon. "Hiatus" by RQTN is a beautiful little piece from Paris. "Shores" by Empiric Project and "Nanoreactor" by Xcentric Noizz are both much more modern and push the definition of "classical". "Shores" is ambient electonica, while "Nanoreactor" is much darker and heavier. Both are off a compilation dedicated to the Chernobyl tragedy put out by the Tunguska Electronic Music Society. Classical is still alive and definitely still evolving.

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