Podcast Episode 59: Feisty Folk

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Sometimes I play sweet music on the show, sometimes classical, sometimes very old-fashioned. Well, not in this episode. In this episode, you'll hear five very feisty folk songs. I'm going to start out with a couple of songs that are more on the folk side, followed by some Irish punk - which is also known as Paddy punk. It really is only kind of punk, but it is definitely fiestier than your standard jigs and reels. We're going to end up with some pirate punk... which is definitely feisty! A warning for those listening with little ones... there is cussin' in many of the songs. The songs are "Listen" by the Alder Street All-Stars, "Big Apple" by Emily Bonn and The Vivants, "Nancy Whiskey" by the Maggoty Brats, "Past the Pint of No Return" by The Mahones, and "Devil's Joke" by Pint of Stout.

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